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Machine Sweep & Scrub

Does your premises have large areas of hard flooring that need regular cleaning? Need to minimise the hazard of wet floors? We hear you. Nowadays, all public places and facilities must adhere to stringent WH&S compliance regulations, particularly when it comes to minimising the risk of slips and falls. Our machine sweep and scrub service will effectively clean your concrete and hard floor surfaces in a fraction of the time and leave them drier as well as free of dust, dirt, oil and grime.
warehouse cleaning

The Latest Sweep and Scrub Machines for a Flawless Result.

Honey Beez sweep, clean, and scrub your workspace using the most advanced concrete and hard floor cleaning solutions, equipment and machinery, whether it’s a multi-level carpark, industrial warehouse facility, food and beverage establishment, automotive workshop, or residential development. Our sweep and scrub machines can effectively clean large areas and leave them drier than traditional mopping, minimising the hazards of wet floors for your team, visitors and customers.

Squeaky Clean Concrete and Tiled Floors – Guaranteed.

We know that the image you portray to personnel and especially the public reflects on your business and brand. Floors that have been thoroughly and freshly cleansed and polished are a vital expression of that image. We guarantee that no matter where or what kind of hard floors you have, we will get them squeaky clean in no time with our machine sweep and scrubbers. You can also be confident that your floors will be cleaned in a WH&S compliant and safe manner and will be ready to walk on and work on in no time. 

We've Got Your Hard Floor Cleaning Needs Covered

Factory Sweeping and Scrubbing
Regular Scheduled Sweeping and Scrubbing
Indoor Multi-level carparks
Indoor and Outdoor Hard Floors
Warehouse Sweeping and Scrubbing
Outdoor Asphalt Carparks


A scrubber is essentially a large-scale wiping and scrubbing solution that eliminates stains or spills that have become “stuck” to your hard floor surfaces, such as worked-in filth, spills, or forklift tyre marks. A power scrubber cleans the floor thoroughly by spraying water and/or solution onto it and moving it around to remove built-up surface filth and markings.

If you need to efficiently clean large expanses of floor space or turn a hard floored-area from filthy to pristine, our sweep and scrub machines, which provide industrial power scrubbing action, can safely and efficiently remove filth and stains from your floors, leaving them clean and dry with just one pass.

Businesses must create a clean and safe workplace for their employees while also reducing the danger to visitors in order to be WH&S compliant.

Dirty concrete floors, whether in warehouses, showrooms, or multilevel parking garages, with leaves and litter, dirt, dust, spills, grease, chemicals, oil, fork lift residue, and slippery situations, are ugly, dangerous, and can pose a health risk to employees, customers, and the general public.

Booking a regular machine sweep and scrub service will keep your floors safe and clean for your staff and/or customers.


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